Now Including the Forstner bit for Drilling the User Supplied Handle.


P Type Parting Tool 





Super Thin Blade Parting Tool Kit

The best I’ve ever seen! Make your own industrial-grade narrow parting tool with this unique kit. All you supply is the handle!

For a limited time, we include an 11/16" Forstner Bit matching the diameter of the blade holder tube. It should yield a perfect fit into your wooden tool handle. $6 retail value. If you already own our P-Type Blade Parting Tool Kit, you may order the 11/16" Forstner bit separately for $6 and a little bit for shipping. 

Note: The drilling capacity is 2.5" deep. If you wish to drill deeper, you will need to use a Forstner bit extension.

 What’s in the box:

  1. 3/32 x 1/2" P2 "P" Type HSS Cut-off Blade 8% Cobalt
  2. 4” x 11/16” OD Steel Pipe, ½” ID
  3. Drilled and tapped for 1/4x20 set screw (included).
  4. Hex Key Included

 Angle templates are not included with the Parting Tool Kit, but do come with the Bowl From A Board Easy Cut System


  • Blade stick-out 3.25”
  • “P” Type blade shape that provides clearance so the sides of the blade won’t rub in the kerf. That means less friction, less effort to make the cut, and much less heat
  • Thick-walled pipe insert will securely hold the cut-off blade at the proper length


During the research and development for our Bowl From A Board Easy Cut System, I struggled to maintain tool control with conventional narrow parting tools. The handles were just too short for the deep slicing cuts, especially at 60 degrees. I fabricated my Super Parting Tool using the parts in this kit except on mine, I used a 15” length of steel pipe. It was nothing to look at, but it performed like no parting tool I had ever used before!


The ground lower portion of the “P” type blade provided plenty of clearance in the kerf with absolutely no binding. At ½” high, the blade has plenty of clearance in the circular kerf when slicing any bowl from a board blank. The shavings came curling out and looked like miniature versions of shavings from a bowl gouge when cutting green wood. Eureka! The perfect thin-bladed parting tool was born.

     When used like a normal parting tool, the narrow kerf takes far less effort and cuts very cleanly up to around 6” in diameter (3” radius) at full extension. You may retract the blade projection to as short as 1”.

      The most economical way for me to provide this fantastic tool to you is in kit form. All you have to do is turn the handle any length you want. I recommend that you drill a 3/4" diameter hole 3” deep for the steel tubing (let 1” hang out) and epoxy it into your shop-made handle. No ferule needed!  You will be able to safely part up to around 3” deep for slicing cuts. That is plenty of length for a 60-degree cut if you are making a bowl from a board.

      Sharpen across the front bevel, not the top and you should have a lifetime tool on your hands.

This is the Option "Ready To Use with 15" Handle by Ron Brown's Best

Optional Ready to Use with Grip and Set Screw, Colors may vary.


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Parting Tool Kit

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