What if you have two or more lathes?


Multiple Lathes  

a)    Same Diameter Posts, Different Lengths
i)     Just order an extra post. You will use the same nuts and lock washers and only change posts. It is the same charge for 1” dia or 5/8” dia posts.

b)    Different Diameter Posts and Different Lengths                    
      (1)  Order a base aluminum extrusion with two holes: 1” and 5/8” and a second post
      (2)  If you purchased the Amazing Hollowing Stabilizer previously but now want a two-hole base, you can order just a new base and a second post.  The price includes the two-hole base                  and 1 new post to fit your other lathe plus a little bit for shipping.
            (a)  Install the correct post for the lathe you wish to use the Amazing Hollowing Stabilizer with.
            (b)  You will need to switch ends for the roller assemblies so the post is nearest the front roller assembly. This is necessary for the proper function of the Amazing Hollowing Stabilizer.

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Hollowing Stabilizer Options for the Amazing Hollowing Stabilizer

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