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I received several calls from customers who know I like to design items that solve problems. These folks had suffered some physical limitations; stroke, Parkinson's, partial paralysis, diminished hand strength, etc, which made normal turning problematic. Other folks just couldn't hollow without getting catches, including the inside of traditional bowls.

They asked for a solution to help them steady their turning tool. This is my very affordable solution. You don't have to have physical limitations to enjoy the benefits of using the Amazing Hollowing Stabilizer to steady your tools and avoid catches, especially on the inside of a vessel. 

If you know the Brand, Model, and Swing of your lathe please enter it in the comments section of your order.

What if I told you I have invented a new tool rest that would eliminate catches when hollowing Christmas Ornament Globes, turned lidded boxes, all manner of hollow forms up to as deep as about 10", or any other cut where you would normally use a hollowing tool, i.e. scraper? What if I told you it costs about 40% less than you would expect to pay? What if I told you it would be especially helpful to new turners and folks with limited physical strength due to medical issues. What if I told you it would work with hollowing tools (including carbide scrapers like EasyWood) that you already own? What if I told you you could use it with any sized lathe from 10" up to 26"?

Tool Post Height Clarification:


A Few Customer Testimonials:

"I used the stabilizer today for the first time and I can’t believe how great it works. Can't wait to use it with the new tools I should be getting from you in a few days. Thanks for all you do and what you have produced.


Gary B., California"

"Hi Ron just a quick note the Amazing Hollowing Stabilizer arrived today fits perfectly works perfectly. Extremely well designed too far far better than the Robert Sorby design all round.

Thanks again and God bless

Bill B., Australia"


"Robert J.

Mr. Brown I think both you and your son have a very well thought out product. Do you make these for lathes for different sized lathes? I run a group in my garage shop ( As you know) for disabled veterans like myself, and we have had quite a few projects that didn’t make it to the finishing stages. Due to lack of knowledge on our part, and not having enough leverage I believe I have just found the answer we needed. Thank You !!!!!!!!"


"Excellent addition to my turning arsenal and I’ve only used it once since receiving it yesterday. I dialed it in and was able to really clean up a deep bowl I had in the lathe, using a Simple Tools 1/2” shaft carbide scraper. Amazing results. Thanks Ron!

Al Be."


"Noreen De.

Fabulous. Engineering, as always is top notch."


Ron just a quick note . I haven’t turned in 35 years.This week I started and I have to say the harvey T-40 is quite a lathe. I have turned 5 bowls since Wednesday. Here is the last one. This is spalted camphor Free from a craigs list free firewood. The spalted camphor was turned using the new stabilizer with the tools that I have. The camphor was really singing to me and I don’t think it could of been turned without your stabilizer.

Gary B.



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Stabilizer - Amazing Hollowing Stabilizer

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