Spindle gouges have shallow flutes and are the tool of choice for finishing spindles. They are also suitable for facing cuts, shallow hollowing, drilling and beading.

The 'traditional' turner's tool, the spindle gouge is the workhorse of all but the dedicated bowl turner. Obviously, for spindle turning, such as chair legs, balusters and the like, the spindle gouge is the tool of choice. But as any experienced turner will tell you, they also find ready use for facing cuts, shallow hollowing, drilling,  beading etc. and with a little judicious regrinding can also make very effective hollowing tools for box-making.

Ron's Spindle Grind:

This is not the factory grind, your tool doesn't come ground with this profile. The 1/2inch spindle gouge shown is one of the Stone Mountain Brand tools, Ron's personal tool used not only in the shop, but at turning demonstrations and at The Woodworking Shows also. The grind is a fairly pronounced "Fingernail" type grind with the side wings swept back out of the way. This grind facilitates easly turning smaller elements such as beads and coves and allows the Steep & Deep methods used for finials and icicles. Ron uses this grind extensively on most of his spindle gouges including the 1/2inch gouges shown, all 3/8" spindle gouges and detail gouges as small as 1/4".

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3/8inch Spindle Gouge (7062) 4818

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