• 7341 Pen Disassembly & Transfer Punch Set

Perfect for woodworkers, toolmakers and machinist. Your pen parts can now be removed just by selecting the correct diameter rod and tapping it out. With 28 total rods that measure from 3/32inch to 1/2inch in 1/64" increments your are sure to find the right size. Also included is a 17/32inch rod. Each rod is 4-7/8" long and are .0025" undersize for just the right fit. This set can also be used for transferring threaded or drilled holes to other materials.


  • Easily remove pen parts
  • Salvage damaged blanks
  • Fix pen parts that have been set incorrectly.

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7341 Pen Disassembly & Transfer Punch Set

  • Product Code: 7341 Pen Disassembly & Transfer Punch Set
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $19.99

Tags: 7341 Pen Disassembly & Transfer Punch Set

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