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1 & 2 Set-UP Blocks and the Quad Setting Jig get the 4040 FREE!

The Quick SetUp Blocks for Sharpening Wood Lathe Chisels

Although there are dozens of different bowl gouge grinds possible, there are really only 4 major shapes that most woodturners will ever use. Three are for bowl gouges and one is for a spindle gouge.

1) The Ellsworth style or Irish Grind - Use for wet wood and shear cuts and for taking heavy cuts in green wood.

2) Standard Grind - Use on dry wood, bowls rough turned and now dry, smaller vessels. Also sometimes more user-friendly for the inside of a bowl.

3) Bottom Feeder - A very blunt grind useful for finishing the inside bottom of a vessel. It is easier to rub the bevel across the bottom with this grind.

4) Fingernail Grind for Spindle Gouges. This grind makes it much easier to roll beads and scoop out coves especially on finials.

With these 4 grinds, there is almost no task you cannot accomplish.

Refer to the chart included in the instructions for the grind you wish to make. Pictured here is the setup for an Ellsworth type grind. Use the #2 block and adjust the leg down to the 5th notch (45 deg). Adjust the pocket arm until the setup block makes two firm points of contact. Easy as pie!

One of the keys to quick and consistent sharpening is being able to achieve the same settings each time. The projection of the gouge from the gouge holding fixture makes good use of a gauge block like the shop made one show here. You could just drill a hole in a board the correct depth (2")

You get all of this with comprehensive instructions in two simple to use blocks. They make sharpening quick, easy and repeatable. Resharpening a gouge shouldn't take any longer than 1 minute when you use these set up blocks.

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New 4040 Grind Set Up Block for 8" Grinders. Use this with a VariGrind 1 or 2 or similar to get a perfect 40 deg grind on bowl or spindle gouges.

Stuart Batty is an internationally known woodturner who, along with his father Allan Batty, popularized a bowl gouge grind knows as the 40/40 grind. Stuart teaches this grind as a platform only grind that does not use jigs or fixtures other than the platform of a wood lathe tool sharpening system. Until now, the only way to achieve a 40/40 grind was by hand. I have developed a system that uses a gouge holding fixture and a setup block to achieve the traditional 40/40 grind such as the VariGrind 1, VariGrind 2, ProGrind and similar. The results are much more consistent and it is much easier to grind a single facet. The Nose Angle and the Wing Angles will be 40 degrees every time just as one would get with Stuart's manual grinding method. You may wish to view the video included with this posting to understand more about how it works.

Why The Quad?

Quad Sharpening Jig - Because it sets the platform at proper angles to grind 4 different HSS wood lathe tools.

Set The Proper Platform Angle To Sharpen 4 Different HSS Wood Lathe Tools With One Set Up Jig - The Quad

I've combined proper platform angles for 4 different High-Speed Steel wood lathe turning tools.

1) Bowl Scrapers

2) Parting Tools

3) Spindle Roughing Gouges

4) Skews

Simply lay the long edge of the Quad Setting Jig against the platform and adjust the platform until the Quad makes two firm points of contact against the 8" grinding wheel. It takes less than 10 seconds to go from a roughing gouge setting to a bowl scraper setting.

The angles engineered into the Quad work for most people, most of the time, in most situations. The angles I have chosen for each tool are the most user-friendly and catch-free angles I know of. Different folks use different angles for various reasons. I picked these because I hate catches caused by an angle that is too catchy or so blunt that you have to force the cut. These angles are not the only ones in use. They are the ones that will most likely keep you out of trouble and cause the fewest catches while still cutting effectively.

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