• Master Sharpening Kit

Use With OneWay Wolverine Sharpening Jig or Equivalent

Calibrated For Use With 8" Grinding Wheels

Quickly Set Sharpening Jig To Proper Grinding Angles

Use For Bowl Gouge, Spindle Gouge, Skew, Bowl Scraper, Parting Tool and Roughing Gouge

100% Made In America Designed By A Professional Wood Turner For Wood Turners

Quick Sharpening Set Up Aids Combination Offer

If you turn wood using High Speed Steel lathe tools, you know you have to keep them sharp. Most of us use one of the popular brands of sharpening jigs, but setting them up correctly can be time consuming and tedious at best. Now there is a way to set up your sharpening jig quickly, easily and repeatably.

All Set Up Jigs have been calibrated for use with 8" grinding wheels. They are not intended for use with any other size grinding wheels. Colors may vary.

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Master Sharpening Kit

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