About Us

The following is a list of products we make in our facility in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Amazing Doughnut Chuck - Longworth Chuck Type 2 - Amazing Hollowing Stabilizer - How-To Woodturning DVDs - Indexing Wheels - Ladle Chuck - Laser Cut Kits - Medallions - Mini Steady Rest - Steady Rest Type 2 - Negative Rake Scraper Setup Gauge - Off-Center Chuck - 40/40 Grind Setup Block with Riser - 8 inch Gouge Setup Blocks - Quad Setting Gauge - Universal Setting Gauge - Turning Tool Angle Gauge


Gwinnett Woodworkers http://www.gwinnettwoodworkers.com/

Whether you want to build a lake house or a dog house, if you want to build the grandson a wooden truck or build the dear spouse an heirloom jewelery chest, if you want to buy a new table saw or patch up the old bench saw - We Can Help You or We Know Someone Who Can.

Sam Angelo https://www.wyomingwoodturner.com/ 

Our Favorite you tube artist Sam Angelo Thanks for watching my videos- Please find my work on the following sites http://www.wyomingwoodturner.com ETSY https://www.etsy.com/shop/wyomingwood... Send me a comment or question via e-mail: @---- samandcheryle@gmail.com I am now an authorized Robust lathe dealer. Please contact me if you have any questions. As a bonus for purchasing a Robust lathe through my dealership, I will provide one full day (6 hours) of instruction in my shop in Billings, Mt.   For more information on the Robust Sweet 16 wood lathe, watch my video: Sweet 16 lathe tour https://tinyurl.com/uylxh72